Aug 11-12 Summer Classic

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Galleries are split up by rider number with some additional folders for other images. Please check all galleries, I've tried my best to sort, however, there may be the odd image misplaced.
If you don't see your gallery number it may be 1 of 2 things - Your rider number wasn't identifiable (check the "unknown rider" folder or the folder of another horse that looks similar to yours) or your images were not taken. Apologies if no images of you were taken.

Digital High res JPG per image $16.99CAD
Digital 500pixel long edge JPG per image $12.99CAD

Coupon code: SRCSUMMER18 for 20% off $145.00 or more in your shopping cart. (expires Sept 18 2018)
To purchase all your images, please contact

Book a $400 1hr portrait session by August 31st 2018 to take place before Feb 1, 2019, and get 50% off all your images in your gallery. Terms and conditions apply. (email me)

Things to note:

+ Images are digitally delivered as JPGs. If you require images via dropbox or wetransfer upon receipt of payment please contact
+ CD's are not available. USB thumb drive with images +$60CAD plus shipping

+ Cara Grimshaw Photography is not responsible for printing or any results from customers printing their images. (make sure you select "no corrections/auto adjustments" when sending to print at your chosen venue for best results)
+ If you require any of your files to be prepared for printing, please email with the file name, the size you are printing it and the format (canvas, metallic, regular etc). This is free of charge.

Image use
Copyright Cara Grimshaw
If you wish to have your gallery or any images removed or password protected please contact
You are welcome to share your gallery link online.

Purchased images may be used on your personal (and trainers) social media, personal websites and horse for sale ads/websites.
Images are not permitted to be sold or provided free of charge to third parties such as brands, sponsors, media outlets, editorial outlets etc. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please contact me for questions or to purchase additional image license.

OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER/WARNING: If you are found using or posting any of your images without purchase (except any watermarked images already posted on social media by Cara Grimshaw Photography- please share, not save and repost) you will be invoiced $280.00CAD per image, per post. REGARDLESS of if you delete the image after you have been notified of your illegal activity, the damage is done. NO EXCEPTIONS. You will also be blacklisted from future image coverage, all your images taken removed and added to the public gallery of shame (if you do not pay invoice for illegal use). Screenshots are prohibited. Stealing images is illegal. Legal implications are a reality.

Thank you for purchasing your images and your patience.

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