Oct 27-28 Dressage

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Thank you to STC Riding Centre and all those involved for having me on site.

Please note:
+ There are multiple pages of images so you may need to scroll through multiple pages (top right of your gallery).
+ Images are copyright and credit when posting to "Cara Grimshaw Photography"
+ No cropping out of watermarks. Watermarks are removed upon purchase.
+ If you do not see any images of you, unfortunately, no images of you were captured. Please be sure to check the unknown / misc / prize giving folder
Purchasing images:
+ Individual images can be purchased online directly using the add to cart button.
+ Payment is done via Paypal in CAD dollars and images are available for instant download.
+ Discounts are not available for individual images (please, understand images are already highly discounted from usual rates). Bulk pricing for purchasing all your images may be considered but not guaranteed.
+ Images are licensed for personal use only (personal social media, artwork, your personal websites). (for third parties like sponsors, commercial, media or editorial use, please contact me)
+ You are responsible for printing and it's outcome. I do not offer printing services.

Screenshots and reposting images from this site without purchasing is not permitted (ILLEGAL). You will be contacted and have 24hrs to remove your images. If no action is taken, you will be invoiced $250SIN per image posted PER platform, blacklisted for future show coverage and your gallery removed.
Please don't steal, it's unfair to fellow paying clients (and me, as a working professional)

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